Botched Execution Nothing to Lose Sleep Over

On July 24, 2014, in Muth's Truths, by Chuck Muth

So bleeding heart liberals are in a tizzy over the fact that it took almost two hours for Joseph Rudolph Wood to die after his lethal injection in Arizona on Wednesday.  His attorneys claim their client was “gasping and snorting” for an hour, and death penalty opponents will certainly use this incident to complain of cruel and unusual punishment.

You know what I think is cruel and unusual?  What Wood did to land on death row in the first place, that’s what.

According to the Arizona Department of Corrections website, Wood “had been involved in a turbulent relationship for 5 years,” including “numerous breakups and several domestic violence incidents” with his ex-girlfriend, 29-year-old Debbie Dietz.

Twenty-nine years old.  Her whole life still ahead of her.  Now here’s the rest of the story…

“Debbie was working at a local body shop owned by her family. On August 7, 1989, Wood walked into the shop and shot Gene Dietz, age 55, in the chest with a .38 caliber revolver, killing him.

“Gene Dietz’s 70-year-old brother was present and tried to stop Wood, but Wood pushed him away and proceeded into another section of the body shop.

“Wood went up to Debbie, placed her in some type of hold, and shot her once in the abdomen and once in the chest, killing her. Wood then fled the building.

“Two police officers approached Wood and ordered him to drop his weapon. After Wood placed the weapon on the ground, he reached down and picked it up, and pointed it at the officers. The officers fired, striking Wood several times. Wood was transported to a local hospital where he underwent extensive surgery.”

So this guy beats up his girlfriend multiple times.  She breaks up with him.  He shows up at her place of business without warning.  Kills her unarmed father for no reason.  Kills his unarmed ex for breaking up with him.  Then tries to kill two police officers.

And I’m supposed to feel badly that this murderous piece of human garbage didn’t die a quick and totally painless death?

Wood got to live almost 25 years longer than the two people whose lives he snuffed out.  How are their murders not cruel and unusual punishment for both the victims and their families?

As for death penalty opponents who claim the death penalty is not a deterrent, let me assure you that thanks to the death penalty Joseph Rudolph Wood absolutely, positively, without a doubt, will never, ever murder an innocent person again.  He has been permanently deterred

As for the afterlife, I can only hope that when Wood reaches the Gates of Hades, Saddam Hussein is the greeter, takes a fancy to him, and makes him his boy-toy for eternity.

Rest in pain, Mr. Wood.  Rest in pain.


How Sando-Hutch Blew it on ObamaCare

On July 22, 2014, in Muth's Truths, by Chuck Muth

During the GOP primary race for lieutenant governor this year, state Sen. Mark Hutchison ran on the fact that he handled the failed lawsuit to overturn ObamaCare for the state of Nevada.  Problem is, after losing the case, Hutchison and Gov. Brian Sandoval gave up.   If it was a movie it would have been titled, “How I Stopped Fighting and Learned to Love ObamaCare.”

You see, what Sandoval did after getting elected in 2010 was become the first and only Republican governor to quit fighting the feds and set up his own ObamaCare exchange here in Nevada – a complete, total, unmitigated disaster that has resulted in the recent axing of the exchange director and a slew of lawsuits that are gonna cost taxpayers a bundle in the coming years.

For his part, Hutchison stopped fighting and instead voted to implement ObamaCare here in Nevada three separate times as a wet-behind-the-ears freshman state senator last year.  He then went on to run as lieutenant governor this year defending those votes and Sandoval’s ObamaCare exchange clunker claiming it was better for Nevada to go it alone than be included in the federal exchange.

And thanks to those misguided I’d-rather-quit-than-fight decisions, Nevada is not one of 36 states that had a key part of ObamaCare’s exchange program struck down by a court on Tuesday.  From the Wall Street Journal

A federal appeals court struck down the subsidies available to some consumers who buy health coverage on insurance exchanges established by the federal government, in a substantial blow to the Obama administration’s implementation of its health-care law.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, on a 2-1 vote, invalidated an IRS regulation that implemented a key piece of the Affordable Care Act. The regulation said subsidies were available to qualifying consumers whether they bought coverage on a state exchange or one run by the federal government. The ruling potentially could cripple the act by making subsidies unavailable in as many as 36 states where the federal government has run some or all of the insurance exchanges.

The court sided with challengers who argued the health law allowed subsidies only for insurance purchases made through state exchanges. 

If Sandoval and Hutchison had kept fighting ObamaCare instead of quitting, Nevadans – like the citizens of 36 other states – might have had a chance to shed themselves of this massive government take-over of our health insurance industry.  Instead, we’re gonna continue to get screwed.


Ladies and gentlemen, your GOP ticket for governor/lieutenant governor for 2014!


Notice to Republican Candidates

On July 21, 2014, in Muth's Truths, by Chuck Muth

For the record, Republicans, my vote in November is NOT automatic.

There are third-party alternatives to the GOP.  There’s the “None of the Above” alternative (especially in the gubernatorial race, where NOTA already beat the Democrat nominee in the primary).

And there’s also a very good chance I’ll support a couple of Democrats who have demonstrated a willingness to work with conservatives on important issues over some Republicans who have been giving conservatives both the finger and the shaft.

In fact, in one statewide race the Democrat candidate recently called asking for my support, while that candidate’s Republican opponent is either blowing me off or taking my vote for granted.  As such, I’m seriously considering the Democrat.

Look, I’ve always said I’m a conservative first; a Republican a distant second.  And I’m a strategic voter looking at the long-term well beyond this November’s election.

For example, since Republicans have ZERO chance to take control of the state Assembly anyway, I might be inclined to support a Democrat candidate over a particular Republican candidate who’s sold his soul to Minority Leader Pat Hickey and will dance on Hickey’s puppet string.

In some cases, a bad Republican spoiling the whole barrel is worse than the Democrat.  For example, Sen. Moderate Mike Roberson.  Some choice for conservatives: A Democrat liberal or a Republican liar.

For those of you embracing the notion that any Republican is better than any Democrat, God bless you.  That just ain’t me.


Stuck on Stupid is as Stupid Does

On July 17, 2014, in Muth's Truths, by Chuck Muth

I have an exceptionally low level of tolerance for stupidity. Which I guess helps explain why I fight so hard to shrink the size of government. Let’s face it, government is Stupidity Central.

Yet – and I think we can thank the government schools at least partially for this – the stupidity virus is spreading throughout society and I fear we may be on the verge of a pandemic. (Remember when government made “pandemic” a household word during the bird flu scare of 2004?)

Two recent examples…

I was having trouble with my iPhone. So I called Verizon. Spent about 10 minutes in “Press 1 for…” hell before being put on hold “for the next available customer service representative.”

I then spent the next one hour, 23 minutes and 17 seconds on the phone with a technical support lady (who, miraculously, actually spoke understandable English). Alas, no luck. So the nice lady said she was going to have to transfer me to a higher level technician and that I’d probably be put on hold for 15-20 minutes.

Me: “I can’t wait on hold for 15-20 minutes. Can you have the technician call me back at this number when he’s free?”

Her: “I’m sorry, but we don’t have a system set up to call you back.”

Me: “Wait, this is Verizon, right?”

Her: “Yes.”

Me: “And you’re a telephone company, right?”

Her: “Yes.”

Me: “And you don’t have a system set up to call me back on the phone?”

Her: “That’s right.”


A few hours later I’m standing in line at the Golden Nugget waiting to get my parking ticket validated after taking the kids to see Gallagher – a smashing good show!

As I stood in line facing the Burger King-like counter, there was a wall to my far right. To the left of the wall was a line for VIP’s to get their parking tickets stamped. Then my son holding my hand. Me. And to my left a slot machine.

Now bear in mind, I was told this was the only place to get my parking ticket validated. And there was one other person in front of me. Then the lady behind the counter looked up, saw me and CJ, and came out from behind the counter.

Her: “Sir, your son can’t stand so close to a slot machine. Could he go around the corner and stand in front of the men’s room until I stamp your ticket.”

Me: “Are you nuts? You want my 7-year-old son to go stand in front of a men’s room in a casino, out of my sight, by himself, while I wait in line for you to stamp my parking ticket? No! No, he can’t do that.”

And some people still wonder how liberals get elected?


The beloved board game Monopoly has spawned all manner of themed spinoffs.  There’s Dog-opoly, Chocolate-opoly, KISS-opoly, Muppet-opoly, Elvis-opoly and even Las Vegas-opoly.

There isn’t yet a Nevada-opoly, but if there was, the rules of the game would have to be changed significantly to be realistic.

First, there would be two competing businesses.  Biz #1 would own Boardwalk and Park Place and have a hotel/casino on each space.  Every other property would be owned by Biz #2, with just one little neighborhood tavern on each space.

Naturally, the Government would control all of the Railroads and Utilities and also serve as the Banker and Jailer.

Forget the dice.  When it’s their turn, the players would simply announce how many spaces, between 2 and 12, they wish to advance.  Biz #1 and Biz #2 would offer incentives to get the players to visit one of their properties.  When they do, the player spends the listed amount while on that space.

Now a player with a lot of cash might be enticed to go to a Biz #1 property in return for dinner for two and a show.  Players with less cash would likely settle for patronizing Biz #2 properties for nothing more than convenience and an occasional free drink for playing the video poker machines.

Different strokes for different strokes.  Free market competition.  But here’s the twist.

Let’s say a lot people like to go to Biz #2 properties and Biz #1 doesn’t like having the competition.  So in the middle of the game Biz #1 goes to the Government and gets the Government to force Biz #2 to retroactively make major operational changes and expensive upgrades to its properties.

To make matters worse, after Biz #2 completes the forced upgrades, let’s say Biz #1 comes back to the Government and demands that Biz #2 be forced to make even MORE expensive upgrades and redesigns.  A never-ending competitor-inspired/government-imposed business nightmare.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a game.  It’s exactly what’s been going on the last couple of years – with Station Casinos being Biz #1 and Dotty’s Neighborhood Taverns being Biz #2.

Dotty’s is a great Nevada business success story.  In 1995, founder Craig Estey opened six Dotty’s neighborhood taverns in Nevada.  At the time, all the so-called experts predicted his business model would fail.  Instead, Dotty’s took off, and now has dozens of locations all across the state.

So in 2011, Stations and other Big Gaming operators started agitating state and local governments to screw with Dotty’s successful business model and inhibit the small business’s ability to expand and compete profitably.  Outrageous, real-life crony capitalism.

Oh, and get ready to play the newest spin-off version: Taxi-opoly.  In this game, the Government will team up with the state’s taxicab industry to crush ride-sharing competitors such as Uber and Lyft.


Let’s say there was an education reform bill proposed that gave liberals everything they ever wanted: Per-pupil spending would be doubled.  As would the salaries of every teacher.  Mandatory pre-K schooling starting at age two.  Teacher tenure after just one year in the classroom.  No teacher evaluations.  No merit pay based on student test scores.  Mandatory self-esteem classes in grades K-12.

And no U.S. History!

Pure liberal nirvana.  However…

In addition, every parent of any income level would be given a full voucher to send their child to any private school of their choice, including Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry if that’s what they wanted.

A deal-breaking poison pill.

Well, a similar situation faces the United States Congress today as it relates to immigration.

Fact is, Republicans are all for immigration reform.  Tighten up the borders.  Tighten up visa enforcement.  Streamline the process.  Increase the number of work permits.  Even allow, with certain conditions, persons who are presently living in the country illegally to remain here legally without fear of deportation.

On these aspects there is widespread agreement.  And a bill could be passed tomorrow. Immigration reform nirvana.  However…

Allowing most illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. legally isn’t enough for the Left.  No, they are insisting on granting those who have broken into the country illegally full U.S. citizenship, complete with voting rights that would effectively destroy the Republican Party in many parts of the country.

A deal-breaking poison pill.

And now, in an effort to shame Republicans into swallowing this poison pill, Democrats are trotting out kids as human political shields.  For example, the campaign of Democrat congressional candidate Erin Bilbray-Kohn is promoting a YouTube video of a college student named Jose whose mom brought him into the U.S. from Mexico illegally.

Jose is upset that the current Democrat administration is deporting illegals, but wants to blame Rep. Joe Heck (R-Nevada) for not supporting an immigration reform bill that is weak on enforcement while nevertheless providing a path to full-blown citizenship.  Worse, Jose falsely claims in his hostage-style video that Rep. Heck “arrested me and four other friends for speaking our minds” at the congressman’s office.

Total fabrication.  It didn’t happen.  Indeed the media exposed Jose’s so-called protest as nothing more than a pre-planned, staged propaganda stunt in which no one was “arrested.”  The agitators – “speaking their minds” with bullhorns inside the office, by the way – were merely issued a citation for trespassing, an offense that apparently runs in Jose’s family.

Let’s face it; Democrats don’t want real immigration reform.  They want a political issue.  Pure cynical opportunism that does nothing to fix the problem.  Yet unsuspecting dupes like Jose are falling for it.  Is this any way to run a constitutional republic?


Random Thoughts on the Nevada Political Scene

On June 25, 2014, in Muth's Truths, by Chuck Muth

Random Thoughts on the Nevada Political Scene
By Chuck Muth
June 26, 2014
Words: 460

Have most conservative challengers running against establishment Republicans in primaries – both in Nevada and nationwide – lost? Yes. Were they expected to lose against those entrenched, well-funded incumbents? Yes.

Have the mere challenges by conservatives to establishment moderates been hugely beneficial in moving those moderates to pay attention and move to the right. Yes.

By the way, Mississippi U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran survived in his GOP primary run-off election against a conservative challenger only because a large number of Democrats voted for him.

Wait. Democrats are allowed to vote in Republican Party primaries to choose the GOP nominee in Mississippi? How stupid is that?

After losing to “None of the Above” in the primary, the Democrat nominee for Nevada governor reportedly left the country and is considering dropping out of the race even if he does return in time for the general election.

And they say Republicans in this state are screwed up?

Speaking of Republicans, they have zero chance of gaining the majority in the state Assembly in November. Again. As usual. However, there is a chance that conservatives could still win a majority of the minority depending on the outcome of a half-dozen races in November.

Unfortunately, Minority Leader Pat Hickey can be expected to do as little as possible to help those conservative candidates vs. their Democrat opponents in the general election. The establishment moderate leader would rather rule in a super-minority than serve under a conservative majority in his caucus.

The gun grabbers are coming back to Nevada with a background check ballot initiative that would do nothing to stop gun violence. But it will make liberals feel really good about themselves. And isn’t that really what being a liberal is all about?

Why is $3.5 million worth of tobacco settlement money being used to beef up mental health services in Nevada? Wasn’t that money supposed to be used to, you know, reduce smoking?

The process for opening medical marijuana establishments in Nevada, as approved overwhelmingly by Nevada voters a dozen years ago, is finally moving forward – just in time for the new wave of outright marijuana legalization soon to be sweeping the nation.

It’s “gay marriage,” not “marriage equality.” And gay marriage is coming to Nevada sooner rather than later. It’s just a matter of time.

FreedomFest, the annual conservative-libertarian conference in Las Vegas, convenes July 9-12 with its usual impressive list of speakers, panels and debates. And for the second year in a row, FOX News’ John Stossel will be taping his show at the event on Thursday night, July 10 at 7:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public. If you’d like to attend, RSVP to

Remember, the proper name is Independence Day, not the Fourth of July. Cheers!


So I was driving down the road the other day and pulled up behind a pest control van at a traffic light. On the back was a bumper sticker that read: “Hire Licensed Contractors | IT’S THE LAW!”

And that really bugged me – no pun intended.

What business is it of the government to tell me who I can and can’t pay to spray my house for critters? For that matter, what business is it of the government to tell me who I can and can’t hire to unplug my clogged drain, paint my house or landscape my yard? And who in Hades does the government think it is telling me who can cut my hair?

It’s not really all that surprising that government constantly involves itself more and more in our lives. It is, after all, the nature of the beast. It’s what government does. But as Ronald Reagan famously warned, “As government expands, liberty contracts.”

The real problem here, however, is that government has unindicted co-conspirators in this “licensing” racket. Businesses and industries across the spectrum enlist the “licensing” power of ever-willing government nannies to limit, restrict and often squash competitors and upstarts rather than compete in an open market.

Which brings me to Uber.

Uber is a ride-sharing service that operates in cities all across the United States – but not yet in Nevada. In short it’s an alternative to taking a taxi. Drivers are pre-screened and use their own cars. Rates are pre-set and disclosed. Mileage and time is tracked by GPS on the driver’s smart-phone. The fee, including tip, is automatically billed to your credit card.

Now, this is a private transaction between a willing driver providing a service to a willing customer with a mutually agreed upon technology company serving as the facilitator handling the arrangements. It’s total free market competition.

Alas, the all-powerful taxicab industry is not amused. Indeed, it recently used the strong arm of government to ban Uber from operating in the state of Virginia and is gearing up for battle to stop Uber from starting service in Nevada. Why? Because Uber’s drivers aren’t “licensed.”

But what if you don’t want the government’s “protection” from “unlicensed” drivers? As grown adults living in supposedly the freest country in the galaxy, shouldn’t you be allowed to decide for yourself who you want to give you a ride to the grocery store?

My guess is that Uber will ultimately win this battle. The people love Uber. They want Uber. And by golly, they will have Uber.

Let’s just hope this starts a long overdue conversation on just which businesses and professional services truly warrant government oversight and “licensing” for the public good, because the fact is…the overwhelming majority don’t.

(Mr. Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, a conservative grassroots advocacy organization. He can be reached at


As predicted, the conservative candidates in the high-profile races yesterday came up short and, as predicted, Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger, Jon Ralston, was crowing with glee about a supposed “conservative massacre.”

Of course, Ralston’s depth of thinking is approximately that of a parking lot puddle.  He thinks short-term; conservatives here are building for the long term.  And last night was anything but a “massacre” for conservatives in Nevada.  Here’s the real story that Ralston and the GOP establishment don’t want told…

Mark Hutchison, the Million Dollar Man, got just a little over 50% of the vote for lieutenant governor despite enjoying the full backing of a Republican governor who himself got some 90% of the vote in a contested primary.  How does winning a race you were expected to win that shouldn’t have even been close count as a major win?

On the other hand, Ron Knecht, conservative Tax Pledge signing candidate for Controller, won the only other GOP primary for a statewide office.  So conservatives batted .500 there.  Not a bad average.

Conservative Tax Pledge signer Annette Teijeiro won the GOP primary for CD1.

The four moderates who ran as conservatives in the four contested GOP state senate primaries won. Did I mention that all four moderates ran as conservatives?  Oh, and VASTLY outspent their conservative opponents?

Indeed, running as conservatives, the establishment GOP pretty much won all the races they should have won.  Big whoop.

Meanwhile, conservative Assemblyman and Tax Pledge signer John Hambrick won his primary handily.

As did conservative Assemblywoman and Tax Pledge signer Michele Fiore.

As did the conservative who Ralston and the GOP establishment love to hate and ridicule the most, Assemblyman and Tax Pledge signer Jim Wheeler!

Conservative Tax Pledge signer Lisa Krasner held moderate incumbent Assemblyman Randy “Kirner Tax” Kirner to under 50% in a multi-candidate GOP primary and will face him one-on-one again in the general election since no Democrat or third-party candidates filed in this race.

Indeed, if the two conservative candidates hadn’t split the conservative vote in this race, Kirner would have been toast.  And there’s a chance he still might lose in November.

HUGE upset in Assembly District 31 in Washoe County, where Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey’s hand-picked moderate candidate, Sparks City Councilman Ron Schmitt – who was also endorsed by Gov. Sandoval and the rest of the establishment elite – lost to conservative Tax Pledge signer Jill Dickman, who was VASTLY outspent (but not outworked!).

And another HUGE conservative victory in rural Assembly District 38 where another of Hickey’s hand-picked moderate candidates lost to conservative Tax Pledge signer Dr. Robin Titus.

Conservative Tax Pledge signer Brent Jones won the Assembly District 35 GOP primary.

Former Clark County GOP Chairman Richard Scotti made it to the general election for District Judge in District 8, Department 2.

Judge Susan Johnson stomped her opponent, who played the “race card” against another judge a week ago, in the District 8, Department 22 race.  (Judge Johnson is also a FINE JUDGE of good wine!)

Joe Scalia moved onto the general election in the District Court, Family Division, Department B race.

Conservative newcomer Ralph Krauss is going to the general election against Clark County School Board trustee Carolyn Edwards.

And last, but certainly not least, former Clark County GOP Chairman Cindy Lake won her primary race for Clark County Commission District G.

So now the pressure’s on the establishment folks…

Sandoval & Company got the candidate they hand-picked for lieutenant governor.  They have no excuse if they lose to the former gang-banger in November.

And Senate Minority Leader Moderate Mike Roberson won his primary and got the candidates he hand-picked for the two contested seats that will determine which party controls the upper house in next year’s Legislature, so he, too, will have no excuse if he blows it.

As for Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey – well, he’s hopeless.

Hickey didn’t support Fiore, and she won.  He tried to kill Wheeler, politically speaking, and Wheeler won.  His “yes man” Kirner, didn’t win the GOP primary outright and now has to face a general election run-off.  He recruited a candidate against Titus, and Titus won.  He recruited a candidate against Dickman, and Dickman won.

Yeah, I think we know who the biggest loser of the night was…and it sure wasn’t conservatives.

Look, the only reason conservatives didn’t have a much bigger night was the money and power the establishment brought to bear under the wings of a moderate, though extremely popular, Republican governor – who, by the way, won’t be running for governor again in 2016.

The establishment candidates ran as conservatives, lied about their own records and positions on issues, and lied about their opponents’ records and positions.  Yes, a win is a win.  But talk about winning ugly!

And something tells me a lot of the moderates who dodged bullets on Tuesday who go on to win in November won’t be voting so much like Democrats in Carson City next year.  Moderates have been warned and put on notice.  Those who don’t learn from this year’s lesson will just be primary bait again next cycle.

And next cycle, they just might not be so lucky.

As I wrote previously, the 2014 GOP primaries weren’t the end of the conservative/tea party/liberty movement in Nevada no matter what happened at the ballot box.  This was a building year.  It was just the beginning.  To quote a certain former conservative U.S. president, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.


Tea Party Posers Exposed

On June 10, 2014, in Muth's Truths, by Chuck Muth

You know, this really shouldn’t be that difficult to understand. The “tea” in the “tea party” movement stands for “Taxed Enough Already.” As such, candidates who have voted to raise taxes are NOT who real tea party activists support.

And yet faux tea party activist Cathie Lynn Profant-Gisi-Johnson-Martinez-Boudreau is bending over backwards trying to elect Mark Hutchinson to the lieutenant governor post despite his support for the $620 million “sunset” tax extension and co-sponsorship of Sen. Moderate Mike Roberson’s new $600 million mining tax.

That’s over a BILLION dollars worth of higher taxes, and yet this self-professed “tea party” woman has gone all in for the tax hiker. So much for honesty, consistency and integrity.

And Profant-Gisi-Johnson-Martinez-Boudreau has a tea party fraud soulmate in Reno.

Over the weekend, Roger Stockton – last seen trying to block the Nevada Republican Party from endorsing candidates in primaries – scrawled a letter-to-the-editor in the Reno Gazette-Journal in which he hypocritically endorsed a candidate in a GOP primary race in Washoe County.

But he didn’t endorse either of the two candidates in the race who signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising to, you know, oppose and vote against any and all efforts to, you know, raise taxes.

No, he endorsed incumbent Assemblyman Randy “Kirner Tax” Kirner, father of the Kirner Tax who has voted not once, but twice to extend the $620 million worth of “temporary” tax hikes from 2009 that were supposed to expire in 2011.

Stockton is every bit the establishment tool that Profant-Gisi-Johnson-Martinez-Boudreau is. And he can’t even see the absurdity of his own arguments.

In his LTE, Stockton writes that “It is not good enough for a candidate to say they support conservative principles” and that “Candidates will say anything to get elected, and who knows what they will really do?”

Good grief. This clown is describing HIS OWN CANDIDATE!

Kirner is saying he supports conservative principles but scored a lousy 50% conservative rating on both of Citizen Outreach’s 2011 and 2013 scorecards. That means Kirner only votes for conservative principles half the time!

In other words, Kirner votes one way but “says anything” to get elected. And we know what he’ll do once in office: Vote like a Democrat half the time. Yet Stockton claims “We cannot afford to lose Kirner’s leadership…”

Frauds and clowns. Welcome to establishment GOP politics, folks.