Monday , 30 November 2015

The March of the Crybabies

The parade of government employee sob stories continues unabated, with Jon Ralston featuring a new one from Sean Alto, a 31-year-old state worker and former bartender who proceeds to do more whining about what he apparently feels us taxpayers owe him than my four-year-old does when I take his Nintendo away.

Instead of taking care of his family himself, he apparently believes it’s the job of Nevada’s elected officials to do that for him and complains that “if Sandoval’s plan for higher education goes through for a 16% cut, I can expect to pay more for books, credits, and expect far less for a selection of class variety, not to mention I would have to wait a year for my second semester Chemistry class, which is required.”

Oh, the humanity!

The saddest part of these government employee tear-jerker stories is that these crybabies, protected from the kind of REAL pain being experienced by the 20 percent of unemployed Nevadans in the private sector, apparently actually think their whiny heart-tuggers are actually generating sympathy for them.

Sorry, homey don’t play that.

In the immortal words of Sharron Angle, man up, Mr. Alto! No one owes you a living and no one has a gun to your head forcing you to continue working – with full health and retirement benefits – as an “IT Tech IV.” If you don’t like the piddling little five percent pay cut…QUIT! Go out in the real world and find a better-paying job with the same Cadillac bennies, hours, sick leave, vacation time and paid holidays off.

Nobody has a gun to your head forcing you to work for the State of Nevada. So stop your sniveling and, to paraphrase Melvin Udall, go sell woe-is-me somewhere else; we’re all stocked up here.

(Something tells me I ain’t getting’ the Humanitarian of the Year Award again this year!)

UPDATE: By the way, this *might* be our Sean Alto. From Carson City. Former bartender. If so, the guy’s got skills. What the hell is doing working for the government?


  1. Response to “The March of the Crybabies”:

    Mr. Muth,

    Good morning, sir, just read your column and have to say, I couldn’t agree with you more. I am extremely talented. However, had you taken the time to actually read my letter, it had nothing to do with “poor me.” In fact, I work extremely hard to be a full-time student, work 38 hours a week, raise a (productive) family, and watch my wife do the same. I am going after my goals with a passion, so making me out to be a crybaby seems to contradict my actions in life. I am not asking for welfare, or a handout, you must have had me confused with someone who looks for others to help him. I am simply voicing my concerns about the hypocrisy of state spending without concern for the overall budget then turning around and taking my income.

    Every division gets their own budget at the beginning of the fiscal year, and supplies are purchased as needed throughout the year. However, at the end of the fiscal year, all of the money left in the budgets is pushed to be spent. This is how the state (and federal) government appoints the amount of money for the following year’s budget. Spend it all, otherwise that department will not get as much next time. This is also how we end up with bird call devices at the LCB, LED TV’s for all of the employment offices, parking lot repair, carpeting hundreds of buildings within 5 years of the last carpet install, new vehicles, state dinners, catering, exercise equipment for the legislature, office remodels, new computers with multiple monitors, really this list goes on for miles. So I ask again, how is pointing out this error in analytical reasoning being interpreted as crying or whining? Also, I spoke at great length about education while on Face to Face. I, personally, do not want to wait another year for a four credit class that could easily be scheduled if the college was not preparing for a 17ish% cut to their budget. Though this is just an annoyance, because my main reason for disliking the cuts to education is simple… I would like to see an educated culture, that can carry on an intelligent conversation without using the word dude or like every 20 seconds. It is pretty sad when our own treasurer can’t perform simple arithmetic to explain why she will not be contributing her 4.2% to the general fund like all of her employees must do (she is a democrat, just so you know I am not being biased).

    Basically, I just wanted to take this 10 min or so to respond be being called childish names on your blog. I know you think I am crying, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I am an extremely smart and driven individual who has stood on his own since graduating high school, and I don’t expect anything from anyone, but that shouldn’t stop me from pointing errors in logic out when I see them. I am happy that you have your own little place to post your comments, and be heard. I think everyone should have a voice, keep up the…….work.

    Sean Alto

  2. “Homey don’t play that”? Was this blog written in 1994?

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