Tuesday , 1 December 2015

Angle’s Funny Fundraising Angle

Sharron Angle sent out a new fundraising email today, declaring her intent to run in the CD2 special election now scheduled for next September. I found this part rather funny:

“The Democrats want this seat. The left wing of the Republican Party wants it more. Instead of an open process – already they are behind closed doors, choosing one of their own to be the preferred candidate in the race. This is exactly why I am running and why I need your help – to put an end to special interest politics!”

The “left wing” of the Republican Party?

I’ve got news for Mrs. Angle, it’s not just the “left wing” that wants someone other than Sharron Angle to carry the GOP’s banner in September. The “Anybody But Angle” wing comes from the left, the right, the middle, and everywhere in-between. Republicans of all stripes and all wings want to win and hold this seat and understandably fear that Sharron Angle, unique among all of the possible GOP candidates, could lose it for them.

After all, she’s done it before.

I also got a kick out of her slap at “special interest politics.” I mean, come on. Sharron Angle owes her entire recent political career to special interest politics. She is the creation and product of special interest politics. Out-of-state special interest politics at that.

Indeed, without the help of the Club for Growth and Tea Party Express special interests, Angle would never have been considered a serious and viable candidate in any of her last three losing political efforts. For Sharron Angle to attack political special interests is to bite the very hand that feeds her.

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  1. How anyone in the Republican party can support her after this is beyond me.

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