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Teachers Union Takes One in Shorts, Vows Return

Carson City District Judge James Wilson ruled on Monday that the Nevada teachers union’s 20,000-word petition to impose a new job-killing/economy-crippling “margins” tax on Nevada’s beleaguered business community violates the state’s ridiculously hypocritical single-subject rule.

It’s estimated that the new business income tax, if approved, would suck an additional $800 million per year out of the pockets of Nevada’s job creators just to continue propping up the “failure factories” known as Nevada’s public schools.

In response to the ruling, the teachers union has vowed to re-write the petition and move forward anyway. So Monday’s victory for the business community will be short-lived. Like Barnabas Collins (ask your grandma), this horribly horrid idea will once again rise from the dead, ready to suck the life-blood from the very people Nevada needs for our economic recovery.

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