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Ketchup with your crow, Mr. Ralston

Finding out yesterday afternoon that we actually won, not lost, our Supreme Court appeal of former Secretary of State Ross Miller’s lawsuit brought against us over issue mailers we did about former Assemblyman John Oceguera in 2010 was, indeed, sweet.

But the cherry on top was learning from a friend later in the afternoon that Jon Ralston, Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger-without-a-TV-show, had linked to an erroneous report that we had lost in his Flasher Report yesterday morning with this snarky reference:

“All Chuck Muth does is lose.”

Wrong again!

Indeed, the High Priest of Haughtiness was forced to scribble this retraction in his newsletter this morning…

“Chuck Muth will lose all those recalls, but he did get a Supreme Court order recalled.”

Hey, Jon, here’s a roll of Bounty to wipe that egg off your face!