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7 Question Litmus Test for Nevada Legislative Candidates

Citizen Outreach PAC is about to start (a) issuing endorsements in Nevada legislative races, and (b) calling out candidates who have not signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  I’m giving everyone until April 15 to sign the Pledge.  After that, we start naming names and providing email addresses and phone numbers.

Folks, there’s only so much I can do individually with this newsletter.  If you truly want to elected more conservative legislators you need to help me turn up the heat on candidates to help them see the light.  I’ll give you the tools, but you need to hammer them.  No Pledge…no donation.  No Pledge…no vote.

Because if they can’t even get the tax hike issue correct, you can be sure they’re gonna get a lot of other issues wrong, as well!

Also, below please find a list of additional questions you should ask candidates asking for support…

1.) Will you vote for any general fund budget in 2015 that increases spending over and above the last general fund budget?

2.) Will you vote against any further extension of the “temporary” tax hikes that were passed in 2009 and were supposed to “sunset” in 2011?

3.) Will you vote against the proposed Roberson-Hutchison Mining Tax or anything similar if it is brought back up before the Legislature in 2015?

4.) Do you support repealing the Nevada ObamaCare/Silver State Exchange?

5.) Will you co-sponsor, actively support and vote for the 2015 “campus carry” bill?

6.) Will you co-sponsor, actively support and vote for a universal school voucher bill?

7.) Will you co-sponsor, actively support and vote for a bill requiring a 2/3 super-majority vote of the people to approve tax increases on the ballot just as is required to approve tax hikes in the Legislature.