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7 Questions for Sen. Roberson, Por Favor

Some random thoughts and questions on state Sen. Michael Roberson’s (R-Henderson) proposal to spend $20 million to teach Hispanic kids, many in the country illegally, how to speak English:

(1) Why is this the taxpayers’ responsibility?

(2) How will this be paid for? Cutting somewhere else? If so, where? Or raising taxes? If so, on whom and by how much?

(3) Why should Republicans support hiring 200 new teachers’ union members who will pay dues to defeat Republican candidates?

(4) If it’s OK to support Sen. Roberson’s $20 million “good idea,” aren’t we going to have to support the other 62 legislators’ $20 million “good ideas” (62 times $20 million = “real” money), too?

(5) Once this new $20 million program is put in place, what’s to stop it from increasing in cost to $30 million, then $50 million then $100 million and more (see: “class size reduction boondoggle”)?

(6) Wouldn’t it be better to provide school vouchers and allow parents of kids who can’t speak English to send their kids to private schools that might specialize in English immersion rather than the government trying to fix a problem the government itself has created?

(7) Does this proposal comport with the Republican Party platform on immigration, education and fiscal issues…or is it just a political stunt in an effort to pander to Hispanic voters?

Inquiring minds wanna know.