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A Not so Brilliant or Conservative “Brilliant Conservative”

A government-employee (public defender) blogger up in Reno named Orrin Johnson – who a liberal columnist referred to yesterday as a “brilliant conservative” – continues to trash Clark County Republicans, Ron Paul Republicans (whom he called in a post yesterday liars, cheaters and thieves), tea party Republicans, and especially newly-elected Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald…while sucking up to the GOP “establishment” and mainstream media.

This self-proclaimed principled conservative supports government employees serving in the Legislature – we know this because he, himself, ran for the Assembly a couple years back – and apparently supports crony capitalism since he doesn’t appear to have criticized Gov. Sandoval’s economic development plan which is, at its heart, pure crony capitalism as the government will be picking winners and losers in the free market.

Johnson’s not a brilliant conservative; he’s just an amateur partisan hack.