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About Those Borg Democrats

I find it somewhat amusing that all of the talk regarding the “end game” for this legislative session has centered around persuading three Republicans in the state Senate to vote for a monstrous job-killing, recovery-retarding tax hike while no one, and I mean no one, is talking about persuading six Assembly Democrats to buck their lame-duck leader and vote for Gov. Sandoval’s budget rather than vote to raise taxes.

I wonder why it is that when Republicans stick together to oppose tax hikes they are labeled rigid and inflexible, but when Democrats stick together to oppose the governor’s reasonable, balanced budget they aren’t labeled rigid and inflexible? Hmmm…..

Are there no Democrats in the Assembly who can think for themselves and would rather see the budget balanced and passed during the regular session than shut the government down and have to endure a mid-summer special session? Have their minds all been collectively melded into one, completely controlled by Speaker John Oceguera?

Um, yes. Assembly Democrats have been assimilated. Resistance was futile. They will do as they’re told…or else. Real profiles in courage there, eh?