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My name is Chuck Muth.

I agree with Dudley Moore in “Arthur” that “fun is the best thing to have” – other than your health!

I was born in April 1959 – so I haven’t been a “spring chicken” for a very long time!

I was born and raised in Baltimore, but have made Las Vegas my home since 1988.

I’ve also lived in Houston and Waikiki.

My wife, Gia, and I have been together since 1986.

We have three homeschooled children: Kristen, Jenna & CJ (Charles Joseph – named after my dad and Gia’s dad).

We have (at time of publishing) three dogs, a cat, five rabbits, three tortoises, two birds, one chinchilla and an aquarium.

I love to write on a variety of subjects, but especially politics.

I’m a libertarian-conservative.

I run a conservative non-profit organization that advocates for low taxes and limited government.

I’m an author, blogger, columnist and public speaker.

I publish Nevada News and Views dot com.

I’m a professional campaign trainer for conservative candidates and activists.

I coach youth soccer.

Our entire family loves to travel.

But enough about me.

Welcome…and enjoy Muth’s Truths!

CLICK HERE for my contact information.