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All in the Family

Without doubt, one of my favorite elected officials in all of Nevada is Nye County Commissioner Joni Eastley of Tonopah. She not only knows her issues and is on the “right” side of them, but she’s politically savvy as well…and a darned nice person to boot. You don’t hit that triple crown in politics very often.

And it appears the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree.

Joni’s son, Philip, won his first campaign last week in Amherst, Ohio. There was a four-way race for three at-large city council seats. He was the top vote-getter, beating out three incumbents – two Democrats and one Republican.

The Republican candidate had previously been appointed to the seat when the incumbent resigned to take a position in the state capitol. Philip expressed an interest in being appointed at the time, but the party pooh-bahs wouldn’t support him – probably the same type of clods who thought picking DeDe Scuzzyfavabeans or whatever her name was, was a good idea in NY 23. Instead they chose someone who had run for the seat three times previously and lost.

So Phil did it the hard way. When the seat came up for an election by the people and not an anointment by the GOP party brass, he threw his hat in the ring. The party elders still wouldn’t support him. He won anyway. Revenge: A dish best served cold. Congratulations, Phil.

And you, too, Joni!