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And the Apology Tour Begins

“Sen. John Ensign apologized to fellow Republican senators today, delivering a speech colleagues said was ‘contrite’ and ‘respectful,’” reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal this afternoon.

What? He apologized to his inside-the-beltway Senate colleagues before he apologized to the people of Nevada? I’m shocked. That’s so unlike him. Or as one rather perturbed GOP party soldier here in Nevada put it in an email to me this afternoon:

“I see that he (Ensign) apologized to his senate colleagues today. It got me thinking that he never apologized to us, the people of his home state, let alone the conservative base of HIS party. Does he think that his senate colleagues are more important than his base of support? Does he really think this whole thing occurred within, and is confined to, his little senate club??? Have you heard about the date and time that he plans to ‘explain’ things to us??? I must have missed that memo. I’m sure it’s coming. This is really the height of arrogance.”

Yeah, and it’s SO unlike John.

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