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Another Whopper by the Tax Hike Crowd Exposed

A new report by the Nevada Policy Research Institute reveals that Nevada “spends more than you think” on K-12 education.

The detailed examination of all K-12 education funding sources by NPRI analyst Patrick R. Gibbons shows that while it is often reported that Nevada spends only about $5,000 to $7,000 per pupil, “the Silver State actually spends almost twice that amount.”

Gibbons notes that “Those who calculate Nevada’s official per-pupil expenditure figure ignore several funding sources, including food services, capital projects and debt services.”

Democrat Majority Leader Steven Horsford says we have to raise taxes to dump more money into the public education system. But the NPRI study shows we’re already spending, on average, more than $13,000 per pupil. For a 25-pupil classroom, that comes to a whopping $325,000 PER YEAR per classroom.

Do you mean to tell me the government can’t figure out how to teach 25 kids with well over a quarter-million dollars per year?

Holy Taxpayer Ripoff, Batman!!