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Atkinson’s Alarming Arrogance

If you truly want to understand the arrogance of legislative Democrats consider this little item from Assemblyman Kelvin Atkinson (D-Isle of Man).

Sen. Don Gustavson has introduced a bill to repeal Nevada’s nanny-state mandatory motorcycle helmet law in every session he’s been in at the state Assembly. This year he did so again, only as a member of the state Senate. And this year, his bill received a hearing and was passed out of Sen. Shirley Breeden’s Transportation Committee even though Sen. Breeden herself opposes the bill.

Which has little Kelvin’s tighty-whities in a bunch.

Atkinson, you see, opposes treating grown adults as, well, adults. As such, and as chairman of the Assembly Transportation Committee last session, he killed Gustavson’s bill. And for the life of him, he can’t understand why Sen. Breeden didn’t kill the bill this year in her committee.

“How does a bill pass out of committee by one vote when the chair is opposed to it?” he asks with incredulity in a Las Vegas Sun story today. “I was a little alarmed by that.”

Alarmed? ALARMED?? Kelvin Atkinson is “alarmed” that a committee chair allowed a vote on a bill that a majority of her committee favored? That “alarms” him? Seems to me such an arrogant attitude by Mr. Atkinson is what should be alarming.