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Chuck Muth
  • Hide Your Wallet and Grab the Vaseline

    The details are in all the papers, so let’s just summarize a few points about the Legislature’s BILLION DOLLAR TAX HIKE...

    Chuck MuthMay 17, 2009
  • Buget Bull

    To provide a little more perspective to those of you foolish enough to buy the notion that the Legislature has already...

    Chuck MuthMay 17, 2009
  • The Pod People are in Carson City!

    Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie (D-Reno) is the Legislature’s most liberal member. In her years in office, Leslie has promoted one big-government, nanny-state...

    Chuck MuthMay 16, 2009
  • Gov. Two-Face vs. Spiderman

    I swear, when it comes to tax hikes, this Jim Gibbons fella is all over the map.

    Chuck MuthMay 16, 2009
  • Are Nevadans as Stupid as Legislators Think?

    For four months now, “elite” members of the Legislature have been meeting privately and secretly to not only devise a tax...

    Chuck MuthMay 16, 2009
  • Digging Through the Budget Bull

    In trying to defend the indefensible tax hike her party is now spearheading in the Nevada Legislature, Assembly Higher Taxation Chairman...

    Chuck MuthMay 16, 2009
  • Leadership Starts with Us, Not Them

    Here might be the best damned advice conservatives will get all year….

    Chuck MuthMay 15, 2009
  • Dems Snuff Out Cheaper Health Insurance

    As we hear the ‘dialog’ about government-controlled health care for all, please note that the Nevada legislature declined this session to...

    Chuck MuthMay 15, 2009
  • Buckley’s Snake-Oil Tax Cut

    Democrat Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley (D-Las Vegas) is trying to make a gigantic hike in the jobs tax more palatable by...

    Chuck MuthMay 14, 2009
  • The Nevada GOP Dream Team

    Republicans in Nevada are beaten, despondent and pretty much worthless as an opposition party – especially in the Legislature. Democrats gleefully...

    Chuck MuthMay 14, 2009
  • Gibbons Truth Squad

    “Governor Gibbons has presented the Legislature with a budget that is balanced and does not raise taxes,” declared a press release...

    Chuck MuthMay 14, 2009
  • The Car Troll

    Legislators have proposed QUADRUPLING the fine on new residents who don’t re-register their car promptly. Supporting the idea is Nevada’s “First...

    Chuck MuthMay 14, 2009
  • Heidi, Heidi, Heidi…Oh, No

    Well, the 2009 Legislature is almost finished, but not before Assembly Minority Leader Heidi Gansert sent out her second (or maybe...

    Chuck MuthMay 14, 2009
  • All About Dann Lewis

    Dann Lewis loves Dann Lewis.

    Chuck MuthMay 13, 2009
  • Homeless Figures Don’t Add Up

    The headline of the story in Tuesday’s Las Vegas Review-Journal read, “Job loss, foreclosure listed as primary reasons people end up...

    Chuck MuthMay 13, 2009
  • Stage for Big Tax Con Almost Set

    Legislators finished crafting their alternative budget yesterday with an agreement on how much not to cut the bloated higher mis-education budget....

    Chuck MuthMay 13, 2009
  • Things We Can Learn from Other Cultures

    According to a newspaper report yesterday, “A Saudi judge told a conference on domestic violence at a man has the right...

    Chuck MuthMay 13, 2009


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