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Muth’s Truths
  • A Divider, Not a Uniter

    Republican Assemblyman Tom Grady appeared on Nevada Newsmakers Tuesday and was asked the following: Marlene Lockard: “How much controversy does (Chuck...

    Chuck MuthFebruary 27, 2009
  • Another “Ed Head” Is Born

    In this week’s new guber-cast, Gov. Jim Gibbons declared, “I will not support use of any stimulus dollars to support new...

    Chuck MuthFebruary 27, 2009
  • Yet Another “Extremist”

    Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio (R-Reno) has taken to calling people who take a hard line against tax hikes “extremists.”

    Chuck MuthFebruary 27, 2009
  • The Grady Bunch

    Republican Assemblyman Tom Grady was interviewed on Nevada Newsmakers this week and was asked by host Sam Shad why he voted...

    Chuck MuthFebruary 27, 2009
  • Oh, No…There Goes Tokyo, Go-Goi-Coechea

    Of all the lame excuses and spinning by the seven Republicans who voted for the third largest tax increase in history...

    Chuck MuthFebruary 26, 2009
  • Masters of the Art of Political War

    I still can’t believe I’m doing this. But fair is fair – and the only fair thing to do is give...

    Chuck MuthFebruary 26, 2009
  • Drive-By Muthings on Another GOP Defeat

    On the morning after getting royally screwed by some Assembly Republicans on the tax issue yet again, just some random rants...

    Chuck MuthFebruary 25, 2009
  • “Maybe” Mabey II: Garn’s Revenge

    OK, the first major test of Assembly Minority Leader Heidi Gansert’s leadership and fiscal conservative bona fides is now behind us.

    Chuck MuthFebruary 24, 2009
  • Turning a Deaf Ear to Sound Advice

    According to John Fund in today’s edition of Political Diary, Republican Gov. Rick Perry of Texas “remains skeptical and likely will...

    Chuck MuthFebruary 24, 2009
  • Of Lawyers, By Lawyers, For Lawyers

    Not only is moderate Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio bad on taxes and spending, he’s no real fan of representative democracy...

    Chuck MuthFebruary 24, 2009
  • Taxpayer Watchdogs

    “Nine Assembly Republicans who oppose higher taxes have introduced a proposed constitutional amendment that would require two-thirds of Nevada voters to...

    Chuck MuthFebruary 24, 2009
  • Buckley Plan Would Make Problem Worse

    Geoffrey Lawrence of the Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI) has taken a look at Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley’s highly-touted plan (AB...

    Chuck MuthFebruary 24, 2009
  • As the Brezny Turns

    Some folks reading those juvenile emails which GOP state Senate caucus director Joe Brezny sent me last Friday may have recognized...

    Chuck MuthFebruary 23, 2009
  • Sanction Tax-Hiking Republicans?

    Chuck MuthFebruary 21, 2009
  • Defending Conservatism

    Moderate Republicans such as state Sen. Bill Raggio (R-Reno) are telling conservative Republicans that the party has to move to the...

    Chuck MuthFebruary 21, 2009
  • Judas!

    Now this is depressing…

    Chuck MuthFebruary 19, 2009
  • I’ll Take Jefferson Any Day

    What is with this sudden Democrat reverence for Abraham Lincoln? First Barack Obama and now Harry Reid. “The week’s ceremonies afforded...

    Chuck MuthFebruary 19, 2009