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Depends on Your Definition of “Firm”

A story in the Elko Daily Free Press yesterday was headlined “GOP stands firm on no new taxes.” It quoted three rural Republican legislators, all of whom took positions and made statements that are about a firm as a cup of Jello.

“Republicans are firm on no new taxes,” Sen. Dean Rhoads said. “They aren’t blinking at this stage of the game.”

“At this stage of the game.” Lovely.

Of course they’re not blinking “at this stage of the game.” There’s nothing to blink over. The Democrats haven’t revealed their secret plan to raise taxes yet. Blinking time will come later in the legislative session.

Assemblyman John Ellison said he doesn’t think there will be any tax hikes because Gov. Sandoval has promised to veto them. “They still have to get past him,” Ellison told the paper.

They have to get past “him,” as in Gov. Sandoval. Funny how Mr. Ellison didn’t say any tax hikes have to get past “me” or “us”….meaning Assembly Republicans. He’s only saying that Gov. Sandoval is firm on no new taxes, not John Ellison or Assembly Republicans.

Which brings us to Assembly Minority Leader Pete Goicoechea. “Tax My Meat” Pete told the paper that his Assembly Republicans “may be willing to talk about renewing sunset bills.” What he’s talking about is a July 1 tax hike of around $650 million if the Legislature renews tax hikes passed in 2009 that are supposed to sunset on June 30th.

How in the world raising taxes $650 million is standing “firm” on “no new taxes” is a mystery for the ages. With “firm” supporters such as Rhoads, Ellison and Goicoechea, what does Gov. Sandoval need Democrats for?