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Digging Through the Budget Bull

In trying to defend the indefensible tax hike her party is now spearheading in the Nevada Legislature, Assembly Higher Taxation Chairman Kathy McClain (D-Las Vegas) actually had the brass to tell the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Thursday, “We are in a hole that we have to get out of right now.”

Yeah, a hole SHE and her legislative colleagues dug.

As the RJ notes in an editorial on Friday, Gov. Gibbons proposed a $6.2 billion budget in January. And despite declining tax revenues to this very day, McClain and her accomplices in Carson City have added spending to that proposal and approved a budget currently valued at $6.9 billion despite being told by the Economic Forum on May 1st that the amount of revenue projected for the next biennium was going to be around $5.5 billion.

Someone needs to take those darned shovels away from Assemblywoman McClain and her friends.