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Do They Profile Air Marshal Applicants?

The Washington Post is reporting today that the TSA is now reviewing its enhanced screening procedures in the wake of national outrage sparked, in large part, to John “Don’t Touch My Junk” Tyner’s video of his encounter with TSA gropers at the San Diego airport a couple of weeks ago.

The Post says the TSA is monitoring enhanced “watch” lists more closely now and will “take note if four or five people on the watch list were heading to the same destination. If two of them were flying on the same plane, air marshals would be added to the flight.”

So if a pair of suspected terrorists buy a ticket to fly on the same plane, the TSA will put an armed air marshal on that plane. Which means the best way to take down a plane might be to recruit and place terrorists as “moles” in the air marshal’s service, right?

I wonder if the air marshal’s service “profiles” 20-something Muslim males who apply to become air marshals and subjects them to enhanced background checks. Or would that be discrimination?