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Doggone Government Stupidity

It’s not necessarily government I hate so much as government stupidity.

So I’m in Carson City this week – Stupidity Central when the Legislature is in session – and this time have my kids and dog with me. As such, we decided to pick up a bag of burgers and head over to the official Dog Park on the south end of town for a couple hours so “Vixen” could run around off-leash and play with other dogs for a couple hours.

No sooner did the poor dog hit the ground running when we were confronted by a Dog Cop. That’s right, a Dog Cop. The guy had a badge and ticket book and everything.

Politely enough, the Dog Cop informed us that our dog was free to run around off-leash in the dog park, but not during lunchtime because it might bother people without dogs who come to the DOG PARK for a picnic lunch.

Hello? There are dozens of people parks and picnic areas where dogs cannot run off-leash spread throughout Carson City. If you don’t own a dog or don’t like dogs, go to one of them. But Dog Park is the ONLY park specifically catering to the dog-owner community. Alas, the logic of letting dogs run and play in the dog park while the dog’s owners are on their lunch break has escaped the collective wisdom of the city’s fathers.

And by the way, if governments are so strapped for cash that they’re threatening to cut essential services, how is that Carson City can afford to pay a Dog Cop on a Sunday afternoon, hmm?