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Double-crossing, fork-tongued RINO

Immediately after Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval’s (R&R-Advertising) announcement that he intended to make the $640 million worth of temporary “sunset” tax hikes permanent, Nevada State Sen. Ben “Blue Dog” Kieckhefer (RINO-Reno) threw his support behind the plan and seconded the emotion.

Which makes him – and sorry, but there’s no delicate way to put this – a liar.

Indeed, in his GOP primary campaign against former conservative state Assemblyman Ty Cobb, Kieckhefer was asked in a televised debate, point blank, if he would support extending the sunsets.  Kieckhefer’s no-room-for-misunderstanding reply was…

“No, I will not.”

Then he did.

Hey, don’t take my word for it.  Thanks to our good friend Victor Joecks over at NPRI, you can hear it right from the horse’s mouth.  Just click here

In the movie classic The Cowboys, the legendary John Wayne told Bruce Dern’s character that he wouldn’t hire him for a cattle drive; not because he’d spent time in jail, but because he didn’t tell the truth about working for a previous employer.

“I can’t stand a liar,” Wayne deadpanned.

If only more voters felt the same way.