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Drive-By Muthings: September 14, 2012

* AOL sucks. AOL sucks. AOL sucks. AOL sucks. And I don’t even have an AOL account. At AOL, “customer service” is a four-letter word. Because AOL sucks. I’m just sayin’.

* Get this: The 35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors on December 2 will include Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant…and that’s no communication breakdown.

* Oh, how the teachers union does NOT want you to see this movie…which means I’ll be one of the first in line when it comes out on September 28th. Click here to watch the trailer.

* Another in a long line of pabulum tweets from empty-suit Democrat CD-4 candidate Steven Horsford on Thursday: “Today on the 18th anniversary o/the Violence Against Women Act we must overcome partisanship, reauthorize VAWA & keep loved ones safe.”

I responded: “Please explain how the Violence Against Women Act kept Echo White and her 5 orphaned kids ‘safe’.”

Lofty rhetoric and feel-good intentions are just that. Then again, when that’s all you have to offer…