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Driving Up Health Insurance Cost

One of the reasons the cost of health insurance is so high is that government forces insurance companies to cover a variety of services, the cost of which ultimately gets passed on to consumers in the way of higher monthly premiums. Indeed, in some states men have to pay for maternity benefits whether they want ‘em or not!

AB 162 is yet another effort by government to force the private sector to pay for something it deems important but is unwilling to fund itself. The bill would force insurance carriers in Nevada to provide coverage for autism treatments and pass the cost on to every customer. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nevada estimates this unfunded mandate would add at least $10 a month to almost everyone’s health insurance premium.

I say “almost” because bill sponsors have exempted the state government’s health plan and Medicaid from the mandate. Go figure.

We constantly hear bleating from the Left about the high cost of health insurance. But then they turn right around and pass feel-good unfunded mandates such as this on the health insurance industry which drive up those costs.

If the government believes providing autism coverage is in the general community’s interest, then the government should pay the cost of that service by taxing the entire general community rather than passing the buck to private industry. If it’s a community interest which legislators aren’t willing to fund with tax dollars, then they ought not force others to do so.