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Ending Welfare Program NOT a Tax Hike

Liberals are DESPERATELY trying to find some way to claim that Gov. Brian Sandoval has violated his promise not to balance the budget by raising taxes by calling anything and everything under the sun a “tax hike.”

That has so far included potential tuition hikes and reallocation of local tax revenues. And now some are trying to claim that the proposed elimination of the Senior Property Tax Assistance welfare program is technically a tax hike.


That program was originally established as a property tax rebate for eligible seniors. It has since been extended to renters, and eligibility has consistently been expanded by the Legislature. Today, I’m told, there are 16,272 recipients. Only 21% live below the poverty line and only 37% are homeowners.

While one can debate whether or not this government assistance program should be continued, it’s a stretch beyond even Gumby’s capability to call its elimination a tax hike. Sorry, Charlie. Back to the drawing board.