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Former Cop Capo to Lead Gov’t Employee Revolt

Jon Ralston of Flash-fame reports that “Public employee groups, perhaps the broadest array ever coalescing for one campaign, have created Nevadans for Nevada to raise $300,000-$400,000 to stand up for themselves as they become a focus of budget cuts in Session ’11. . . . I hear the effort will be managed by former police union boss David Kallas and they plan rallies, mail pieces and more. Among the groups: Police unions from Southern and Northern Nevada, SEIU, AFSCME and more.”

This reminds me of an angry email I received from Kallas over a year ago when he was mulling a run for the Clark County Commission as a so-called Republican. Kallas whined that my criticism of public employee unions were giving the GOP a bad name and was responsible for unions not supporting the Republican Party. What a schmuck.