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Getting Ready for the Redistricting Screw-Job

Since the Democrat-controlled Legislature refused to pass a fair and equitable redistricting plan that Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval could sign, the responsibility has now landed in the lap of Carson City District Court Judge Todd Russell, who asked Secretary of State Ross Miller this week to recommend a panel of “masters” who would be appointed to draw the maps.

Here’s Miller’s list, which political columnist Jon Ralston characterizes as “pretty impressive.”

See if you can find the conservative Republican on it:

• Former Democrat U.S. Sen. and Gov. Richard Bryan
• Former GOP state Sen. Bill Raggio, whom many call a “Republican in Name Only”
• Former Democrat state Sen. Terry Care
• Democrat Carson City Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover
• Democrat attorney Eva Garcia-Mendoza, a Harry Reid judicial appointee and a Bill Richardson for President delegate
• Bob Erickson of the Legislative Counsel Bureau
• Heather Murren, a Harry Reid appointee to the national Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and wife of MGM gaming mogul Jim Murren, who went “all in” for Reid’s re-election last year

Now, if you couldn’t find the conservative Republican on the list….that’s because there is no conservative Republican on the list. Somehow, I’m less than impressed.