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Gibbons in Hindsight

Ed Vogel of the Las Vegas Review-Journal takes a look this morning at soon-to-be former Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons’ rocky four years as the state’s chief executive in a story titled “Nevada tanked under Gibbons: Recession hurt governor, who didn’t help matters.” It includes these Muth’s Truths:

Even conservative political consultant Chuck Muth finds little positive to say about Gibbons as governor.

He noted Gibbons had been critical of the taxes backed by Guinn in 2003, but when he became governor in January 2007 he refused to make many changes to the proposed $7 billion budget Guinn had prepared.

“He should have lopped $704 million off the budget. He said Guinn should have cut spending; but when he had an opportunity, he didn’t do it. He never lived up to his promises.”

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