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Gov. Sandoval Screws Nevada Taxpayers…Again

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval – fresh from breaking his campaign promise not to extend the “sunsets” not once, but twice – announced on Monday that he struck a deal with to begin nailing y’all with sales taxes on your Internet purchases.

Oh, joy.

Consider the following: If you take a vacation in Oregon and buy an “I Heart Oregon” t-shirt, you pay no sales tax on that shirt – either to Oregon, which has no sales tax, or Nevada because the shirt wasn’t sold in Nevada even though you intend to take the t-shirt home to Nevada where you’ll “use” it.

This is why you’ll hear politicians referring to it as a “use” tax. It’s because states can’t charge a “sales” tax on other states. So what they’ve done is simply started calling the sales tax on products and service in another state a “use” tax since you’re buying the product or service in one state but “using” it in another.

These tax-hungry politicians are real weasels when it comes to this stuff.

Anyway, now let’s say you buy an “I Heart Oregon” t-shirt over the Internet from a company located in Oregon. You still don’t have to pay any sales tax to Oregon because Oregon has no sales tax. However, thanks to Gov. Sandoval you could soon be forced to pay NEVADA sales tax on your Internet purchase.

And adding salt to the wound, the Oregon company will now be forced to collect it, track it, complete bureaucratic paperwork, jump through some hoops and remit it to the state.

So you get screwed on having to now pay sales tax…er “use” tax on your Internet purchases and the out-of-state-company gets screwed by now having to serve as tax collector for 49 other states. And no matter how Gov. Sandoval, liberals and brick-and-mortar stores in Nevada try to spin it about being “fair,” the bottom line is…

YOU are about to get screwed and to pay more taxes to the government.