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Green Energy has Rate Payers Seeing Red

The Left’s obsession with “green” energy – wind, solar, geothermal – has resulted in Nevada legislation requiring NV Energy to use a specified amount of energy – what’s called the “renewable portfolio standard” in bureaucratese – from green energy producers no matter how much more expensive it is or how much more it costs you and me every month.

And since Nevada’s renewable options aren’t yet as abundant as needed to comply with the government mandate, NV Energy has been reportedly purchasing renewable energy from out-of-state sources to meet the government-imposed requirements.

This has some on the Left, particularly Sen. Harry Reid, perturbed.

Now they want to force NV Energy to not only use a specified level of green energy, no matter how much more expensive it is or how much it raises our electric bills every month, but to force the company to use energy only from Nevada-generated sources – no matter how much more it costs you and me.

You’ve heard of dumb and dumber? This is stupid and stupider.

As we’ve all heard over and over and over again, Nevada needs to “diversify” its economy so that we don’t rely so heavily on tourism and gaming. Fine. And while we’re not there yet, renewable energy holds out the potential for Nevada to eventually, one day, sometime in the future, possibly becoming a green energy EXPORTER.

Now think about this…

The way to get other states to someday maybe purchase green energy from Nevada is to tell NV Energy that it can’t buy green energy from companies in other states today?


And you and I will continue to pay higher energy costs because of this enviro-imbecility.