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Halseth’s New Campaign…for Maxim’s “Hot 100”

In case you somehow missed it, here’s the latest on former state Sen. Elizabeth Halseth – who connived to file a BS “lewdness” charge against her husband last fall hoping to get sole custody of the couple’s children in a divorce so she could move to Alaska with her “significant other.”

She did a professional bikini photo shoot for a layout in Maxim magazine. Click here

When you see this saucy photo, remember that Halseth attacked the wife of her Democrat opponent in 2010 in a mailer featuring a picture of the opponent’s wife in a low-cut evening gown. Halseth claimed the photo showed her opponent didn’t share “our values.” What a world-class hypocrite.

By the way, the May 1 criminal trial for Elizabeth’s falsely accused husband was postponed.