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Hammond v. Ross

Republican Scott Hammond debated Democrat Kelli Ross on Face to Face Tuesday night in their State Senate race.

Ross – “the union candidate” – came off as pretty well informed, but her positions on issues puts her pretty much in the Bolshevik category.

For his part, Hammond, a government employee (Wait – aren’t Republicans supposedly opposed to public employees serving in the Legisalture?), was singularly unimpressive. Vanilla ice cream. Paint drying excitement. Pure wishy-washy, mamby-pamby moderate (51% conservative rating by Citizen Outreach for the 2011 legislative session).

And it showed.

As an assemblyman last year, Hammond voted FOR the $620 million tax hike/sunset extension, but now won’t say what he’ll do on Gov. Sandoval’s plan to extend the hikes yet again next year to pay government employees higher salaries.

And he regurgitated the falsehood that he voted to “cut” taxes on 115,000 small businesses last year and “cut” the budget by $500 million – which was nothing more than the non-renewal of Obama’s “stimulus” money.

Oy vey. Far left vs. center-left. Some choice for conservatives in the district. Which reminds me…

If you like playing “Where’s Waldo?” go to Hammond’s campaign website – click here – and see if you can find any reference to the actual district number of the senate district he’s running for. But play quickly, before the campaign reads this and fixes it!

And don’t be fooled if you accidentally find the district map buried in the website. The candidate has the WRONG district number (13) showing there. Ditto on his calendar page.

But at least we can trust him to get the numbers correct on the budget, right?