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Headline Bias, In the News

Legislative Democrats conducted a pair of dog-and-pony “town hall” meetings in Reno and Las Vegas yesterday to discuss the budget. The headline about the event in the Reno Gazette-Journal this morning reads: “Many at Reno’s state budget hearings call to raise taxes.”

It’s not until you get into the fine print of the story that you discover “many” means “about half of the more than 50 speakers.” In other words, about 25 people called for higher taxes. And of those quoted by the paper, see if you can detect any similarities.

There was the taxpayer-funded director of Washoe County Senior Services. There was a taxpayer-funded teacher. There was a taxpayer-funded school nurse. And a taxpayer-funded database administrator for the university system.

By the way, the EXACT same story also appeared this morning in the Nevada Appeal, but the headline was “Some Nevadans call for tax hikes.” A much more honest headline.