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How to fill a little $106 million budget gap

Out of a $15 billion budget, Democrats are having a cow over a projected budget shortfall error of $106 million and are demanding that Gov. Brian Sandoval fix the hole now rather than wait until May when there’s a good chance economic improvement will fill the gap when the Economic Forum releases its final estimate.

But all Democrats care about is trying to force the governor to raise taxes. So they’re going to try to force him to fill that $106 million now with spending cuts that they can further hammer him over the head with.

In which case, it’s pretty hard to imagine getting beat up any worse than Sandoval already is over minor reductions in government employee salaries, so just go ahead and propose cutting them even further to make up the difference with the understanding that if the Economic Forum figures allow it, those reductions will revert back to 5 percent.

Problem solved.