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If Only Horsford and Others had Listened to Goedhart in ‘09

At a recent budget hearing, Senate Majority Leader Stephen Horsford said, “We were fortunate in 2009 to have one-time funding levels [aka, stimulus money], otherwise the decisions we’re making now, we would have been making then.” (Hat tip: Victor Joecks, NPRI)


For the record, here’s what GOP Assemblyman Ed Goedhart wrote OVER TWO YEARS AGO to his legislative colleagues, including Sen. Horsford: “Don’t use one-time ‘stimulus’ money for new or ongoing programs.” If you do, Goedhart warned, “we’ll only have to find additional revenue for down the road once the federal money is gone.”

Had Sen. Horsford listened to Assemblyman Goedhart back then, we wouldn’t be in the pickle we’re in today.