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Is Miss America the Next Ronald Reagan?

When most people think about home-schoolers, they tend to have an impression of brainiac nerds who excel in spelling and geography bees. But get this: Our new Miss America, 17-year-old Teresa Scanlan of Nebraska, was home-schooled through her junior year in high school.

Beauty AND brains – a deadly combination. But there’s more…

The Las Vegas Sun reports that Scanlan is “a politically-minded student” who plans to register as an “independent” when she’s old enough to vote. And People magazine reports that she has her sights set on becoming a Supreme Court justice and President of the United States. She also has a strong faith in God and doesn’t hide her religious beliefs. She plans on attending Patrick Henry College in Virginia, a Christian school with “a deliberate outreach to home schooled students.”

And get this: Miss America will turn 18 next month…on the exact same day that Ronald Reagan would have turned 100 – February 6th.