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Liars Figure

Las Vegas Sun reporter David Schwartz exposes yet another budget lie being promulgated by Sen. Horsford and the Left; the notion that if the governor’s budget is approved, Clark County would have to lay off 1,800 teachers.

Au contraire, mon frere.

First, not a single teacher need be laid off if the greedy teachers union accepts some minor pay concessions so that everyone gets to keep their job.

Secondly, as Schwartz points out, that 1,800 figure is for “positions” in the school district, about half of which are presently unfilled. And, um, duh, you can’t “lay off” an employee who is, um, duh, not employed.

And lastly, not all of the 900 employees who are at risk of layoff if the greedy teachers union doesn’t accept some minor pay concessions are teachers. A number of them are “administration and support staff” who maybe aren’t essential in the first place and SHOULD be laid off.

There’s an old saying that figures don’t lie, but liars figure. And boy, does that ever apply to the Left in this budget battle, especially when it comes to education.