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Lowden on Taxes

Republican lieutenant governor candidate Sue Lowden spoke at the annual Washoe County Republican Party dinner in Reno last week – the one boycotted by Gov. Brian “BS” Sandoval (R&R-Partners) and his running mate, Mark Hutchison.

Gotta love these remarks from Lowden, as reported by Ray Hagar of the Reno Gazette-Journal…

“I was chairman of (Senate) taxation and it was renamed the non-taxation committee and there was a reason for that. There was not one tax that came out of my committee. That was before Grover Norquist even knew to put a tax pledge in front of us. I knew instinctively that I had to protect your money. I knew instinctively that I had I had to be a good steward for the public money.”

Now contrast that with Hutchison’s record. In his first and only session in the state senate this year, Hutch voted for over $1 BILLION worth of higher taxes. That, ladies and gentleman, is what we call a clear contrast.