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Meet the new John Ensign; Same as the old John Ensign

Much like most of the Republican Party and the conservative movement in Nevada, John Ensign hasn’t given me the time of day for the last 15 years. But while still under the delusion that he had a shot at winning re-election two weeks ago, he calls with a “Hey, whatever happened to us? Why are you beating me up so badly? Can’t we sit down and clear the air and patch things up? I’m a changed man now and want to make things right.”

Or words to that effect.

Reluctantly, I agreed. His staffer called me and set up a meeting for this past Friday at 3:00 pm; location to be determined. Well, as we all know now, Sen. Ensign announced his decision not to seek re-election earlier in the week. And wouldn’t you know it, that “kiss and make-up” meeting HE requested suddenly doesn’t get confirmed now that it’s no longer of any benefit to John Ensign.

Go figure. I guess John Ensign really hasn’t changed at all after all.