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More Ways to Cut School District Budgets

In response to my column yesterday about minor proposed budget cuts to K-12, a NN&V reader wrote:

“While I think teachers can take a cut in pay, I believe the Clark County School District is so top heavy it should be dismantled. Yes, a small percentage of them are at the top, but you could easily add 100 teachers for what that top is earning.

“Secondly, I do not think education is improved by the building of all the Taj Mahal school campuses. That is just a pride thing. I went to school in “temps” and it did not slow me up.

“Third, I see a lot of School District cars around town. Many are driven home at night. My neighbor is one of them. My guess is that this is all on the tax-payer’s backs, too. The top heavy District administration and the top heavy government, add nothing. They just add to our taxes.”