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Muth’s Truths: April 14, 2017



AB 129, a bill to prevent consumers from using affordable online eye tests for contact lens renewals, has been pulled by the bill’s sponsor.  Thanks to everyone who “voted” against this bill on the Legislature’s website and voiced their disapproval via calls and emails.  You made a difference.

Which reminds me, today is the last day for bills to get a hearing and move to the next round.  Things are about to get serious.  Get ready to take LOTS of action against LOTS of really bad bills coming out of this 2017 Democrat-controlled Legislature.

In the meantime, a recall effort of a North Las Vegas judge fueled by government employees and the police union was challenged as a political witch hunt by the judge and her attorney, Craig Mueller, who argued that Nevada’s recall law didn’t apply to judges.

Few gave Mueller the proverbial snowball’s chance in Hades of prevailing in his appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court…which ruled in Mueller’s favor on Thursday.  Mueller is mulling a run for Nevada attorney general in 2018.  This victory will look good on a campaign flyer.

Is it just me or are there really very few people in Las Vegas – other than the sports writers at the Review-Journal – who are talking about and excited about this new NHL hockey team coming to town?


“Nevada Sen. Dean Heller told a group of conservatives earlier this week he ‘will do everything I can to get to a yes’ on repealing Obamacare and suggested he was withholding his approval of the GOP health care plan in Congress to get attention from the White House. The comments were picked up by a tracker for the Nevada Democratic Party, who paid to enter the event at the Keystone Corporation, an organization of conservative Nevada business leaders. The group barred media members from the event and kicked out several protesters who paid to attend.” – POLITICO’s Morning Score, 4/14/17