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Nevada Republicans are Weenies on Collective Bargaining Reform

In Wisconsin, conservative Republican Gov. Scott Walker estimates that his efforts at collective bargaining reform for unionized government workers have “saved the taxpayers some $3 billion.”

Ah, the difference a conservative Republican governor makes!

Sean Whaley of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI) has outlined the kinds of necessary reforms to collective bargaining that would bring on that kind of savings for taxpayers in Nevada, including “ending compulsory collective bargaining,” as well as “end the use of binding arbitration and end the use of government resources to collect union dues.”

Alas, despite the GOP in Nevada having control of the governor’s office, as well as majority control of both the State Senate and State Assembly, our elected Republicans have proposed collective bargaining reforms “which likely would be described as modest by most observers.”

I accept that Republicans never blow an opportunity to blow an opportunity, but Nevada’s elected Republicans in the Legislature are even bigger weenies than normal.