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Nevada Straw Poll

Nevada’s GOP Central Committee members – or as Sharron Angle calls them, lackeys – will meet on June 18 in Reno to choose the Republican candidate for the Second Congressional District race for the September 13 special election. If that decision is based on who is most likely to actually win the race, Angle is likely out.

In seemingly unrelated news, the Nevada GOP presidential caucus will be the third official candidate selection gathering – following Iowa and New Hampshire – next February, which, politically-speaking, is just around the corner. Seems to me the June 18 meeting would be an excellent time to not only choose their congressional candidate, but weigh in on the presidential race, especially now that the field appears to be all but set.

Is Romney running away with the state again? Has Ron Paul increased his support? Has Herman Cain’s multiple visits to the Silver State and his debate win in South Carolina gained him any traction? Do Republican regulars still have a soft spot for Gingrich? Does anyone seriously think Sarah Palin is going to run? Will Marcy still marry Justin after catching him with Daisy’s second cousin on her mother’s side? Inquiring minds wanna know.

Straw poll, Republicans?