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Notice to Republican Candidates

For the record, Republicans, my vote in November is NOT automatic.

There are third-party alternatives to the GOP.  There’s the “None of the Above” alternative (especially in the gubernatorial race, where NOTA already beat the Democrat nominee in the primary).

And there’s also a very good chance I’ll support a couple of Democrats who have demonstrated a willingness to work with conservatives on important issues over some Republicans who have been giving conservatives both the finger and the shaft.

In fact, in one statewide race the Democrat candidate recently called asking for my support, while that candidate’s Republican opponent is either blowing me off or taking my vote for granted.  As such, I’m seriously considering the Democrat.

Look, I’ve always said I’m a conservative first; a Republican a distant second.  And I’m a strategic voter looking at the long-term well beyond this November’s election.

For example, since Republicans have ZERO chance to take control of the state Assembly anyway, I might be inclined to support a Democrat candidate over a particular Republican candidate who’s sold his soul to Minority Leader Pat Hickey and will dance on Hickey’s puppet string.

In some cases, a bad Republican spoiling the whole barrel is worse than the Democrat.  For example, Sen. Moderate Mike Roberson.  Some choice for conservatives: A Democrat liberal or a Republican liar.

For those of you embracing the notion that any Republican is better than any Democrat, God bless you.  That just ain’t me.