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Ol’ John Ellison Had a Cow, EIEIO

In response to our robo-calls to Elko County Commissioner and GOP assembly candidate John Ellison yesterday, the guy is having a veritable cow. He called a local reporter and is threatening to sue us for daring to make it easy for people to contact him and ask about his position on Minority Leader Pete “Tax-My-Meat” Goicoechea’s grocery tax.

I’ve also heard he’s contacted the police, the FBI, the CIA, the FDA, the FCC, the FEC, the IRS, Homeland Security, the Consumer Protection Agency, Hawaii Five-O and Scotland Yard to file a complaint. Reportedly the guy is throwing a hissy fit because our calls yesterday allegedly shut his business down and cost him money.

And just how many calls from voters of his district was this public official “flooded” with? Well, according to the reporter who contacted me following up on Mr. Ellison’s ranting and raving….


Eight short calls from concerned voters he wants to vote for him….and this guy has his tights in a twist? And he wants to go to Carson City? Talk about not ready for prime time.