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Olympia’s Snowe Job

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) announced on today that she was not going to support the Senate’s health care bill because it’s being rushed-through to meet Harry Reid’s artificial deadline.

And that really pisses me off.

Because Snowe’s opposition now doesn’t mean squat. Reid has already purchased the 60 votes he needs to break any GOP filibuster effort with his Taxpayer Express Card. Snowe’s “no” today is completely worthless.


Back in mid-October, Snowe was the ONLY Republican on the Senate Finance Committee to vote to move this bill forward. Had she not caved and given Harry Reid her vote back then, perhaps one Democrat could have been persuaded/pressured to oppose the bill, as well, and we wouldn’t be in this no-win predicament today.

So, thanks for nothing, Sen. Snowe.

Had you done the right thing back in October when your vote actually meant something, instead of playing political games in an effort to burnish your “bi-partisan” reputation, the nation wouldn’t be getting socialized government health care – complete with taxpayer-funded abortions – for Christmas.

Lousy, clueless, useful idiot RINO.

But I mean that in a good Christian way.