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Paslov Drools for Higher Taxes

Eugene Paslov, a former state school superintendent who is a much responsible for the lousy state of public education in Nevada as anyone, inked another of his liberal columns recently in which he maintains that our state needs to “develop a stable and comprehensive tax base. It is currently too narrow and inefficient to support needed services.”

What a load of liberal flapdoodle. Nevada’s tax base is so broad and efficient that as recently as 2005 Gov. Kenny Guinn and Sen. Bob Beers teamed up to give Nevadans a tax rebate because we had so much tax revenue streaming into the system. So the problem isn’t our tax base or level of revenue; the problem is that liberal bureaucrats like Gene Paslov never meet a government program they aren’t willing to fund using other peoples’ money…ours; the taxpayers.

It’s the spending, stupid.