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Patriots vs. Loyalists: The Never-Ending Battle

Jon Ralston wrote on Tuesday the following: “One Democrat told me today he thought the Republicans here (in Carson City) are divided into two groups – ‘solution-oriented and the ideologues.’ I found that to be humorous and totally untrue. Why? Because just saying no to any new revenue is not an ideology.”

Jon is correct. The ideology is the philosophy of strictly limited government, as embraced by those ideologues otherwise known as The Founding Fathers. Strictly limiting the government’s money supply is just a means to strictly limiting government.

As for the so-called “solution oriented” Republicans, there was a name for that sort of American back in the founding era, too: Loyalists. As in, loyal to the opposition. And those folks weren’t held in very high regard by their fellow citizens. Indeed, some were, literally, given the ol’ tar-and-feather treatment. Ah, good times; good times.