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PK and the Tax Pledge

First a reminder: The reason to oppose any all efforts to increase taxes is because every and all efforts to increase taxes result in an increase in government.  I don’t care how “small” a tax hike is or whether or not it will “kill jobs.”  I only know that giving the government more money means we’ll get more government.  I don’t know about you, but I’m just not good with that.

Now…I’m getting all kinds of conflicting information about a Republican candidate, P.K. O’Neill, running for Tax Pledge signer Assemblyman Pete Livermore’s seat in Carson City.

Some say he’s the real deal and “no Hickey dude,” but another SSC subscriber advises that when he asked O’Neill about signing the Pledge at the recent Washoe County GOP Men’s Club meeting in Reno, O’Neill’s response was the ol’ “my word is my bond” excuse for not doing so.

Same story we heard in 2010 from Gov. Brian Sandoval.  How’d that work out?  And  Sando was a federal judge!

Also, I wonder if, when Mr. O’Neill is asked to sign a credit card slip for his purchases at the grocery story if the cashier accepts the “my word is my bond” line or if she requires him to sign it?  And did the bank accept the “my word is my bond” bit when he bought his house or car?

Talk is cheap.  Put it in writing.

One other troubling aspect about Mr. O’Neill.  His wife’s work profile on Linkedin described her thusly: “Division of Child and Family Services; Union Organizer, Field Representative at SEIU, Local 1864.”

“Union Organizer”?  For the SEIU…the most rabidly anti-conservative labor union in the country?

Interestingly, the “union organizer” part of her profile was recently removed.

Conservatives beware!  Something’s not sitting well with me and this candidate.


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