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“Punking” Victoria Seaman (She’s So Easy…and Predictable)

I understand that some of my conservative friends and allies are unhappy with my opposition to Victoria Seaman’s campaign for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district seat.  And that’s OK.  I’ve been through this sort of thing before – like when I warned that now-Assemblyman Chris Edwards was a weasel and former Clark County GOP chairman Dave McKeon was a louse.

The thing is, I’ve seen a side of Seaman that she hides from most people when she’s out in public.  And I understand how she’s been able to fool a lot a people.  I’m just not one of them.

In my experience I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s a phony with an insatiable appetite to “be somebody.”  She’s a “convenient conservative” with an explosive temper, a habit of spewing falsehoods, a high degree of paranoia, and skin so thin you can see though it (yuck).

She’s rash and easily “triggered” – as demonstrated last weekend when I “punked” her at political event we both attended.  Here’s what happened…

I was standing outside the campaign headquarters of Adam Laxalt for its grand opening.  A number of people came out and told me that Victoria was inside telling people I was being paid by one of her opponents, State Sen. Scott Hammond, to expose her actual voting record from the 2015 legislative session in which she served.

The claim is false.  Which is par for the Seaman course.  She invents paranoid campaign conspiracies in her own mind and then makes totally false allegations with absolutely no proof whatsoever.  But in light of the reports I heard, I decided to have some fun at her expense and stoke the flames.

Sen. Hammond was there, also.  He came outside and we chatted briefly about his race and the school choice issue – an issue near and dear to his heart.  I then asked if we could get a “selfie” together for me to post on Twitter to see if it would set Queen Victoria off into a “See, I told you!” conspiracy meltdown.

It was like shooting fish-sticks in the freezer. She took the bait – hook, line and sinker!

In case you can’t see the Facebook post image she sent out, she claims I haven’t written anything negative about Sen. Hammond because we’re buddy-buddies, as “proved” by nothing more than the fact that I took a photo with Sen. Hammond for no reason other than to see if Queen Victoria would make a conspiratorial fool of herself.

She concluded with, “Don’t you think that there’s something fishy here.  Hummm.”

Mission accomplished.

Paranoia will destroy ya, hon!


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