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Question Judgment, Not Motives

Without mentioning any names, consider this a teachable moment for you candidates out there.

Yesterday a press release went out from a GOP campaign focusing on the issue of unemployment. In the release, the candidate declared that their Democrat opponent “simply doesn’t care that Nevadans carry the highest unemployment rate in the Nation” and didn’t have “an ounce of concern for the unemployed masses of southern Nevada.”


I know the Democrat candidate. And I don’t really don’t care for the Democrat candidate very much. Not one bit. But the problem isn’t that the Democrat candidate “doesn’t care.” The problem is that the Democrat candidate, and most Democrat candidates, are just plain wrong about how to fix the unemployment problem – and just about every other problem under the sun.

When you start questioning an opponent’s motives rather than their judgment, you sound like a harsh political hack….which is fine if you’re a harsh political hack publishing a political blog, but not if you aspire to be an elected representative of the people.

Most Democrats aren’t bad people; they just have bad ideas. Stick with that line of attack. Class dismissed.